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7th Anniversary

Planting Blackberries

The 85 Blackberry plants arrived, we had planned on saving them to plant at an upcoming field day on Saturday but we were not sure about leaving them in the box that many days, so we decided to plant them ourselves on Friday. It took less than an hour to plant the 85 plants, they […]

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3 Perfect Recipes for Spring

Warmer weather. Later nights. Blooming flowers. Time on the patio. What’s not to love about Spring? We think these three recipes are perfect for family dinners, entertaining and everything in-between! Plus, they use local and nutritious products sourced by Hometown Harvest. What’s not to love? Seared Tuna Medallions with Citrus Salsa: A fresh and light […]

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Planting Potatoes

We decided this year to try our hand at planting some unique varieties of potatoes, we have Blue potatoes and an yellow and red fingerling. First when the 200# of potatoes arrived you have to spend time cutting them up into pieces so that each piece has at least one “eye” in it and this […]

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Field Work

I was so excited to get to run the tractor today, discing up the field. I have never really learned how to run a tractor, as a child my father lost patience with me and I gave up learning how to do field work, so Tony is now teaching me. After you disc, you have […]

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