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lower field of Hometown Harvest Farm
High School Helpers
Zeus, Great Pyrenees puppy
early morning hen house

Launching into Summer

Lots of exciting things are happening on the Hometown Harvest farm, keeping us busy busy. Our chickens are starting to lay bigger and bigger eggs. We should hopefully begin to see large eggs from these girls in a few more week. We have the mobile pen now all set up for our lambs, who should […]

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Farm Update: The Space Race!

We ran out of space! Two weeks ago when we went to plant our watermelon plants, we discovered that we did not have enough room for all of the plants that we had.   This seems to be a theme for us this year. We had a lot of extra tomato and squash plants that we just had […]

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Tony’s Thoughts: Rock Farming

 I have harvested a nice crop of rocks out of the produce field so far this year.  Rocks are something that you don’t always want to take the time to deal with, but if left in the field they can be responsible for a lot of equipment damage. Just like most things, the more time […]

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